• ART IN A BOTTLE: The Business Behind Beer, Wine, Spirits & Condiment Brands

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    Maker's Roundtable: Container Magic

    March 2, 10am - 2pm
    $20 - Lunch Provided

    This gathering will focus primarily on the outer packaging and other design elements. Not just glass, but metals, plastics and more.

    Seats limited.

  • About the Maker's Roundtables

    We will feature 8-10 makers who will talk about their experiences in a small intimate setting. We make every attempt to assemble a diverse group that not only learns from each other, but gives students and/or aspiring makers a front row seat to their thoughts about the business.

    This is a four-part conversation...

    The Special Sauce


    What makes your product different? Without giving away the secret formula, how do you create a product that can stand out in the market.

    Container Love


    Beverages and condiments come in all types of containers, and they are becoming more art than function. Learn what can and can't be done, as well as what's on the horizon.

    Promoting the Brand


    Learn from people on the front line, doing activations and finding creative ways to get the brand out in front. What kind of marketing efforts make this happen?

    Delivering Magic


    It's not always realistic to have your own distillery, brewery or plant. Learn from some great people how they made the jump from small batch to larger scale distribution.

  • Art in a Bottle
    Nov. 16, 2018

    *Subject to change


    DOORS OPEN 9:00am
    REMARKS 10:00am

    Beverage Innovations

    FRIDAY 10:15am w/ Ekua Cant + Sam Grigg + Jarrett McGovern + Kevin Herson + Allie Dancy
    There's a lot of innovation out there that is improving access to a range of products. From apps that track our wine interests to smarter ingredients, what's moving the needle? What are innovations in getting beverages to consumers?

    Beans & Leaves

    FRIDAY 11:00am w/ AnnaRose Rotondi-Kauser + Jarrett McGovern + Sam Grigg + Allie Dancy
    There's so much going on before the coffee or tea makes it into your cup. Are there too many coffee shops? What about tea? Does it really matter if they sell 'fair trade'? Learn from those that do it best!


    FRIDAY 11:45am-12:15pm

    Getting on the Shelf

    FRIDAY 12:15pm with Theo Peck + Kelli Foster + Kevin Herson

    Learn from people negotiating deals every day. How do you get on the shelf at eye level? How do you get a product right behind the bartender so that guests see it? How do we get a condiment bottle on every table? What kind of marketing efforts make this happen?

    Brand Ambassadors

    FRIDAY 1:00pm w/ Mariuxi Tapia + Brandon Alexander + Kelli Foster
    What is life like visiting hundreds of venues each week? Learn from the people that do it and discuss what success looks like for beverage and condiment brands.

    Getting it There

    FRIDAY 1:45pm w/ Kelli Foster + Brandon Alexander + Sam Grigg

    What are distributors looking for in a product? What are differences between the companies that deliver product each day? Learn from those who do this all over the Tri-State area.

    Closing Q&A

    FRIDAY 2:30pm-3:00pm
    We will gather for a closing conversation and Q&A with panelists.

    Tasting Night

    FRIDAY 5:00pm-8:00pm
    Join us for over twenty tasting options, sampling many of the bottles on display during AIAB. Separate ticket from day program, must be 21+. Panelists free of course!

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    Stranahan's Batch 90 Volunteer Bottling

    New Made Shop Label

    A Slow Film on Alsace & Wine

    The love of wine is universal...

  • What's it all about??

    Two tasting nights and one big day of workshops. They say a picture's worth a 1000 words, so here's 12k!!

  • Elements

    Events of great monument often hang on trifles - anonymous

    Panels & Roundtables

    Throughout the conference we will invite you to hear stories from those in the biz... great tales of success and failure.

    The Museum

    You can learn more from bottles and other containers that you can see (and maybe touch) than just what you see in pictures. We are curating our very own museum of containers, from 1970s 7-Up bottles to the newest beer growlers. Bring yours!!

    The Bookstore

    There are so many great books out there, but who wants to wait for Amazon to deliver them? We've created a small collection available for inspiration and admiration. Old and new titles ranging from packaging design to unique wine regions.


    The Business Behind Beer, Wine, Spirits & Condiment Brands

    People buy beverage brands and related products because of what's on the outside and what's on the inside. For some consumers, they make decisions about the contents - they are all about the ingredients and taste. For others, the way the container looks (material, label, name) is key. They also want the story - what is behind the brand? And then there's what lies in-between. What is the special sauce that makes their product different from others? This event brings the makers and sellers of these products together in one place - an educational space where everyone can learn together!

    Packaging Science aka Container Love

    There's a science that goes into creating a beautiful container. Whether you're launching your own artisan honey or craft beer, you have a shape and material in mind. Most of the people that create these containers don't actually have a background in packaging science, so our goal is to bring enough people together that have done so that everyone walks away with a new skill set...

    Creative Writing aka The Spiel

    As you create a brand, you should also be crafting a story that communicates who you are. Some brands have natural and original stories while others have worked hard to come up with one. Throughout the symposium you will see and hear these stories. They will be on display and also shared with you verbally. Let's all learn from each other...

    Production aka Special Sauce

    There is a way of doing things that may or may not be visible to the naked eye. This is where formulas, strange procedures, secret recipes and other tricks of the trade help differentiate a brand from the rest. Some call it magic, others call it intellectual property. We call it cool...

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